Ellen Peterson is a playwright, actor, dramaturge and teacher. She is the founding Artistic Director of The Bug Circus. She is not a food-blogger.E. Peterson headshot

Ellen’s plays have been produced by Theatre Projects Manitoba, Prairie Theatre Exchange, the Popular Theatre Alliance of Manitoba, and on the Fringe. Several short works have been published in anthologies.

She is the dramaturge for the Manitoba Association of Playwrights Open Door, and teaches acting and playwrighting at Manitoba Theatre for Young People. She is a member of the Prairie Theatre Exchange Playwrights’ Unit.

She also has that whole happy-wife-and-mother thing going on. She lives in Winnipeg.


21 thoughts on “About”

    1. Hi Cousin: No I haven’t done one for Edna, but there may be one upcoming called “The Ladies of Purity.” I didn’t know Edna as well as I knew Ruth, and these stories only happen when they want to. They’re stubborn like Petersons.


  1. Hey Ellen! This is Sandra Tanner, from podunk Chippawa, Ontario. Just wanted to say helloo. Say Hi to your brother Murray. All the Best in the New Year 2018!


      1. Niagara Falls, I think of you once in a while and always the day I made you scream out the window in Art Class for Frosh Week. Soooo funny! Howz things? Apparently pretty good. I, also am a “Nan” to 8 grandkids, one more on the way but I did have 6 kids myself, 5 girls and a boy (including twins) Chippawa water I guess. Bahahaha. Hope your own family is well. So glad to hear back from you! Keep in touch. Sandy Flexhaug(nee Tanner). It’s Norwegian, if you’re wondering…cuz I know you are. 🙂


  2. Hi Ellen I was a Brown Owl in Chippawa and moved to Ingersoll 1969. The Brownies gave me a carving 3 different owls,My name was Donna Houston them. If I had your e-mail I could send the picture. My kids
    were Charlie Sue Min & Bill.


  3. Hey Cousin! Congratulations on your nomination for the Winnipeg Arts Council “Making a Mark” Award (last Saturday’s Freep). So proud of you. Donna


  4. Dear Ellen,
    Congratulations on opening the 2018 MTC season. I just retired from teaching and directing high school theatre. I remember my early days at River East Collegiate fondly – the Mime show, Pippin, Godspell. So much talent from that school! I have recently connected with Dean G and Vern T on Facebook.
    Mrs. Susan Quinton


    1. Thanks Mrs. Quinton! Great to hear from you. Retired? At 40? Good for you! I still feel like I’m in high school. What a weird feeling having a play produced at MTC when I have seen so many plays there. I’ve had plays produced in other theatres but I used to go to MTC in high school, so it felt different somehow. Sat there thinking “look at little me writing this great big play!” It was a good experience all in all. Over the holidays I had Sheryl Dickson and Janice Brown over for tea. It’s great to keep in touch. Be well!


  5. My experience with Thompson is that a friend and I planned a road trip where we would drive from Texas to Thompson and back in 72 hours, only stopping for gas. Some kind of family matters came up and we didn’t go but we were within hours of going.


  6. Hello, Randomly came across your blog while looking for some historical data on Narol, Enjoyed Lockport or bust ,very well done. I was born and raised on Henderson highway and see some people referenced in your messages that either taught me at River East or whose names i recognize feel like i should know you , In any event enjoyed the read , thanks for the distraction

    Gary Kingsland


      1. Yes class of 80, was not really in the drama group more sports although I see Sheryl and old friend of mine is mentioned in one of your responses. Will read some more of your work when i get the opportunity.


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